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Kliyschko Muniyev

Биографическое описание Why do many patients, despite our intensive efforts in chronic diseases, feel under-treated and inadequately treated? Why is there often the notorious "therapist shopping" using all conceivable medical specialties and other practitioners, such as psychologists, ecotrophologists, but also medical practitioners seborrheic dermatitis scalp cure? Using the example of atopic dermatitis we show that not only interdisciplinary medical diagnostics and therapy, but additionally psychological, ecotrophological and other specialist competencies are necessary to treat a disease picture well.

There is hardly a chronic skin disease that affects exclusively the external integument. This statement is confirmed by science and practical experience. If, for example, atopic dermatitis is considered, the skin is one of several possible manifestation organs of the complex genetically determined atopic diathesis [1-5]. Often, at the same time, diseases such as allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, bronchial asthma, or food allergies [3, 5] are found at the same time.

The tormenting itching, the cosmetic distortion, as well as symptoms such as intestinal symptoms and dyspnea, combined with anxiety, alter the behavior of the patients and thus act destructively on social relationships. Many patients develop behaviors that aggravate the disease process in the long term. Often a chronic disease becomes the food point of a social community seborrheic dermatitis home treatment. The symptoms of the disease not only affect the behavior of the patient, but also the roommates and other contact persons, for example, the attending physicians. In addition, their own interests and those of the roommates are sacrificed to the disease-related planning of the day's routine, leave and investment.

Equal cooperation

From the described situation, to which every physician can easily enumerate examples, it follows that a single therapeutic discipline is often incapable of ensuring a complete treatment covering all forms of manifestation of atopia. Selective somatic or exclusively psychologically oriented therapy concepts treat only partial aspects of the disease and are therefore perceived as unsatisfactory by the patients best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis scalp. Frequently, alternative forms of treatment are offered as a comprehensive therapy which takes into account the entire course of the disease without being able to meet this requirement. The result is often disappointment and perplexity, which drives the patients suspect providers.

In order to find a way out of this dilemma, the concept of behavioral medicine has been established in the PsoriSol Clinic for Dermatology and Allergology - a concept with a multicausal understanding of illness, which is based on strict scientific principles. The goal is to generate more health in the longer term. Therapy is the combination of the separate dimensions of medical activity (diagnosis, therapy, care, nutritional and residential https://sg.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dermatitis-scalp/info environment counseling) through the networked and process-oriented interaction of dermatologists, allergologists, pediatricians, general practitioners, pharmacists, ecotrophologists, psychologists, physio- and occupational therapists, nurses and nurses ,